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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mama gets a Purple Sticker and kid gets a yellow card....

Yesterday was the start of my 31 days of being Jillian Michaels' Biotch! I got up at 5:30 a.m. and put myself at the mercy of her!! I did it and it was tough. Not going to lie.  I moved up to Level 2 since I had been doing Level 1 for 10 days.  I was a sweating mess when I finish and this morning I went downstairs and brought up the fan and I still was sweating terrible. But I got to put my sticker on October 1.  I also got to today too but I didn't get a pic of that.

My measurements for the beginning and before pics!! I plan on having a transformation by day 31!

Waist: 36 1/2 in.              Hips:  41 in.            Bust: 35 in.
Right Leg: 23 in.              Left leg: 23 in.
Right Arm: 12 in.             Left leg: 12 in.          Weight: 165.6

I have been doing great with weight watchers. Kinda had a bad day on Saturday but we were in Kansas City and at a wedding. I didn't eat cake but they had cookies.  They were my husband's great grandma's brown sugar cookies with icing! YUMMMMMY!! 

We had a great time in Kansas City. The 5K Walk for Celiac was great. My boys did not want to go at first but they enjoyed it once we got there! 

Jacer loved his shirt and yes Monkey has his thumb in his mouth and if you look closer I am sure his hand is down his pants.  (That is signature pose)  

We got to go the Big Bass Pro as Jacer says.  I got to sit as soon as you walk in and hold a sleeping baby which in turn made me fall asleep! Nothing like sleeping at Bass Pro! 

I did not get to try any Kansas City BBQ.  Thank you KayLynn from for your suggestion. Maybe next time we go I will get to try one! 

Here we are ready for the wedding, forgot my camera so only had my phone!

(And yes my boys all matched in green)\

(Monkey was so tired at the reception he conked out)

Sunday was a long day with driving home, laundry and hubby slept most of the way home and was on the couch for most of the afternoon until he had to go do chores! I skipped on going to those.  (We have cattle)

Now to the part of my oldest getting a yellow card.  He goes to church on Monday nights.  So when I got home last night (had to hurry to get around for a visitation), I went through his backpack and checked his folder where it list the color they finished for the day.  Green is the color that you start on and he has stayed on green (since preschool and summer school).  He has got one other yellow this year for talking in the hallway.  But this time the teacher wrote what happened.  He had tackled a kid and lied to her about it. I was not a happy mama.  I don't want to have a kid that is a bully.  When we asked what happened he hummed hulled around and told us he didn't remember.  He finally told us they were playing around and that he doesn't know why he lied.  He had to go to bed 15 minutes earlier  and no tv, but the going to bed early was a joke, since I was reading to him the same time as usual.  He did get no tv last night.  It is so hard to follow through with punishments sometime. I just hope we got through to him that we were disappointed in him.  We never yelled at him just explained why you don't do that and that you never lie to your teachers or parents about anything.  (cause you know I never did do that :) ) 


Have a wonderful day!!!

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