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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Working Mama

Work! UGGH!

I must say that I am truly blessed with the office I work for. 
I can take off when I need to and still get paid.
I don't have a certain amount of vacation time, sick leave that I have to accumulate.
They understand having sick kids, taking rents/in-laws to the doctor, going to your local high school softball teams State Game! 
They are terrific.
There are days where I dread coming to work and that everyone there drives me crazy.
But I work at an office where we all get along
Yes we have our tiffs and taffs but we can move past them.
I stay busy and there is a little down time for things like writing my post for my blog!
Or catching up some of my favorite blogs.
So I can't complain too much at all! 

But I have my boys and I would love to stay home with them everyday
but to be honest I don't think I could!
I know, I know I sound like a terrible mother! 
But I need adult conversation/interaction!
Don't get me wrong I applaud every mother out there that stays home with their kids. 
I know it is a full time job also. 
I say I have two three full time jobs:
I love all of those titles!
Working mom
But let me tell you if I stayed at home, I would be huge!
That would be terrible for my diet!!
I would not be able to control myself, the hubs would think that he needed cooked lunch everyday!
I would try out a ton more pinterest recipes!

My house is clean with me working all day already.
(I stay up till 11 picking things up, doing laundry)
But that is ok! That is how this Mama likes it!

But if the Hubs would come home tonight and say "stay home",
I would do it! Just to give it a try!



  1. I hear ya, Karie! Part of why I like going to work, besides the paycheck, is just to get dressed and see my work-friends every day. I could stay home full time with Olive... but Haven? Notta chance. :)

    1. I am the same way and my oldest is my pain in the butt. We butt heads terrible :)

  2. I am sometimes jealous of moms who go to work and get adult interaction but then other times I wouldn't change a thing