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Friday, April 26, 2013

Falling off Wagon and hitting the Wheel......

I had been doing pretty good with being healthy and working out religiously and then I fell off the bandwagon and hit the wheel and spun out of control this past week and in result was up tremendously on the scale! 
I hit a number I hadn't seen in a very long time!
THE 160'S!

I was devastated with myself and ashamed that I let it happen!

What was I thinking when I ate that cookie dough, that it was going to cling to my body
and add weight!
Or those french fries and club sandwich!
Geez.... I knew better and yet I still ate it under my better judgment. 

When I am at home and in the comfort of it, I look to food as my comfort. 
If I am stressed or bored, I eat!
So at night when I finally sit down after cooking supper, kids bathed, put to bed, house picked up, laundry done, I think that I need something to eat.  
It is not that I am even hungry, I just think I need something. 

It is time to take control of my stressors and boredom. 

I exercise but I feel like I don't get enough exercise in!
I get up at 5 a.m. one morning and then the next I don't!
I am not consistent!

I need to commit myself to being more consistent and start that routine. 

I read so many blogs and they are doing this!
They are committed to getting themselves healthy and improving their body.  \
What is stopping me?

I can answer that......
I am stopping myself!

Well time to let myself pass go and succeed!

Summer is almost here but that is no reason to stop working for that bikini look this summer!

Have an awesome weekend ladies and gents!
I'm out!


Monday, April 8, 2013


I have been MIA for the last two weeks +.

I have just been super busy, it seems like. Can not say doing what but I have just been super busy. Helping with Jacer's school's PTO, has taken up a little of my time. With the fundraiser I was in charge of and then our Carnival we have every year. 

I am super excited to say we made close to $3,700 with our fundraiser! I am super excited! 
Now to figure out what fundraiser to do next! I am thinking a 5K!

Speaking of 5ks.... I have been wanting to start running outside since the weather has been nice.  I absolutely hate running on the treadmill.

(Running view)
So yesterday, I did it.  It was only 2 miles but I will honestly say I ran more than I walked. 
I have determined that it was in my head to walk, that I was hurting, it was a mentality problem.  I hated it! I would get mad at myself for walking 3 steps, so I would start up running again. 
I don't know if running will be my thing but I did enjoy it.  It was nice quiet me time! 
I do not like running on gravel very well and that was the worse part probably.

(Monkey's basket on right and Jacer's on left)
Since it has been a while I realized I haven't posted about Easter or anything.  
Our Easter was good! We went to my MIL on Saturday night for supper and decorate easter eggs
Which I do not enjoy doing at all so my SIL always gets to do it

On our way my hubs did not feel well and was sick all night, pretty much on the hour (which he would have to talk to me for about 10 minutes each time he got up) and was sick pretty much until Tuesday.

So I got the boys up and ready for church and we were off! It was a beautiful day.  I had spent the day before helping hubby with building fence for our cows so we could spend all day Sunday together! Which of course did not work out. So after church we came home, changed clothes and went to my hubby's grandma's house without him. I hated to leave him but really did want to be around him or the kids around him too much. I hated that I did not get a picture at all of the kids all dressed up!

We came home and hid eggs at home so that Jeremy could see them find some eggs.

Then Monday I headed to work and came home by noon and stayed home Tuesday.

All the things husbands and wives share and I wish sickness was not one of them. I felt awful.  I hate my bathroom and have decided it needs updated terribly!

(Monkey and Daddy checking cows)

Monkey is truly a Daddy's boy during the day and Mommy's boy at bedtime but that is it for Mommy. He would much rather be with his daddy!

Here is he is thinking he is helping Daddy till our huge garden

It was adorable.  I will say I am a little overwhelmed with how much bigger our garden is this year. 
But at least I got my potatoes, beets, radishes, lettuce, cabbage, mustard greens, sugar snap peas and carrots all planted! 

Now to get all the rest in about a month! I dread it all summer but in the winter when I can get those jars of goodies off the shelf! I love it!!!

It has been nice out several nights lately and so we have been outside alot, I try to get a workout in on the drive while the boys play.  But I get a huge workout chasing after Monkey on the tractor and pushing Jacer out of ditches or up the hill on his dirt bike. (we have it turned way down.)
They love going on walks also!

Now on to the fitness/fatness section!!

I had signed up for Erin's Dietbet and by golly I didn't think I was going to make it but I did I won me some moolah! $37.08 to be exact!

I was so excited!

Now hopefully I keep going down!

I am upping weight lifting and trying to get some tone in the fat that I still have!
I had stopped Weight Watchers and was trying out MyFitnessPal but did not like it. 
I have now signed back up for Weight Watchers.
I am ready to be in the 140s!
I can taste it! 
I am going to be that MILF.

Hoping to keep up the running but also found Mommy to Bikini Body 90 day Challenge on facebook and am doing that also! I am on Day 9! 

It is awesome and kicks your butt totally!

Love it!
Made these yummy egg muffins for the week for breakfast
2 pts for WW

Photo by kjholman4
Love this pic of myself!
Does that make me conceited! I don't care if it does! 
Not too many pics I like of myself!