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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Workout and Gardening

I did get in a mile on the bicycle, 1/2 mile on treadmill and some abs today. I did not get up this morning again.  But then again I have an excuse or so I tell myself it is a good excuse, I was up until 11:45 canning whole tomatoes.

I also went way over on my calorie intake yesterday.  But today is a new day and I plan on sticking to the amount I have allotted.  For supper we are having steak fajitas.

I know today is a new day but I have got to quit saying that everyday.  I need to start watching what I eat daily and really taking care of myself and watching what I put in my mouth.

I really want Brach's candy corn, but I did not go buy a bag today.... They are absolutely my favorite!

I garden I love to garden and can all my produce.  But I must say I am tired of canning at this point and ready to be done.  I have 97 quarts of green beans, 24 pints, I have potatoes, applesauce, apple pie filling, peach pie filling, cherry pie filling, vegetable soup, tomatoes, salsa, tomato juice, pickles, apple butter, chicken, need to tomato soup and one more batch of salsa.  Then I have corn, green beans, and peppers in the freezer. So to say that my nights are super busy with my garden is an understatement.  Hoping once I am done, I will get some walks in the evening with my boys before it gets too cold out.  Then hopefully workout inside at night! 


Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Well I can barely walk today after leg day yesterday!!! Which is a great thing! Means it is working and waking those muscles up.

I talked to the fitness guru at our gym about calories and told him I was doing 1200 a day and that was just not enough and he said no it is not. So I have upped them to 1500 a day and that is so much better.

I did not get yesterday or today and do T25. I am for sure starting next Monday.  It is my goal.

I did eat after 8 like I said I would not.

I did go over the 1500 calories by 54.

I did not get anymore walking in yesterday. But I went up my stairs a dozen times and cleaned my basement. So I am going to count that.

Today..... I am not going to eat after 8:30!! Will walk when we get home!! All of us. minus hubs he is in the field.  I did arm day at the gym!!

This I pledge to anyone who reads my blog!! Hold me accountable.... Email me......

Peace  Out


Monday, September 23, 2013

Prayers needed for a fellow blogger...

I know Lora from Raising Steppe Sisters does not know me but I read her blog almost everyday and she is awesome.  She had her baby Harper this weekend at 26 weeks and he is only 1 lb. 9 oz. Please keep Baby Harper and his family in your prayers!

Thank you!

I'm back!!!

I have been missing for a few!

Life got in the way and I ran out of motivation for everything it seems.

All I have had to do is work and can all my garden veggies!

Seriously that is all I accomplish every evening!

My motivation is totally missing for weigh loss and getting ready for fall!

I need to get back on track and get this weight off of my big bones!

I am putting it back on instead of losing it!

Right here right now I pledge to lose 20 lbs by my birthday!

December 28th is the date!

So to catch up here are some pics!

Me and my boys on the 4th of July!

My little Monkey turned 2!

My Jacer started First grade!

Monkey loves to look at books!

One of my baby sister is getting married!

My babies!!

Hubby and I celebrated our 9th wedding Anniversary Sept. 18th!

Well that is an update in pictures for today!!
Hope to be everyday from now on!!