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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Well I can barely walk today after leg day yesterday!!! Which is a great thing! Means it is working and waking those muscles up.

I talked to the fitness guru at our gym about calories and told him I was doing 1200 a day and that was just not enough and he said no it is not. So I have upped them to 1500 a day and that is so much better.

I did not get yesterday or today and do T25. I am for sure starting next Monday.  It is my goal.

I did eat after 8 like I said I would not.

I did go over the 1500 calories by 54.

I did not get anymore walking in yesterday. But I went up my stairs a dozen times and cleaned my basement. So I am going to count that.

Today..... I am not going to eat after 8:30!! Will walk when we get home!! All of us. minus hubs he is in the field.  I did arm day at the gym!!

This I pledge to anyone who reads my blog!! Hold me accountable.... Email me......

Peace  Out


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