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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Advocare Cleanse results finally...

Well I did 10 day Advocare Cleanse and I did not get great results.  I did cheat a few days but for the most part I stuck with the clean eating.  I don't know.  I was down after three days and then after 10 days I was right back where I started! And on top of that my eating over the weekend was horrible! I am back on this week thus far!

It is frustrating! But it is my own fault!

Time to get with the program and get this belly weight gone!

You would think after someone thinking you had a baby on the way that would get my butt in gear!

But I am eating better now and am still Bikini Mommy Challenge and am going to watch the food intake.

I am still doing weight watchers along with MyFitnessPal.....

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Letter to My 21 year old self


Linking up with Holly and Jake today and writing myself a dear letter.

Dear Karie - 

So you are married for 2 years now! I know at times you worry you were too young, but he is your true love! You are going to go through a lot of ups and downs.  More downs in the year to come. 

Your Hubs, will have testicular cancer and have surgery and then treatments! But you make it through that time.  You are by his side every step of the way.  Then you will get pregnant with your first son! 

You have more trying times together but you get past them and you both are happier than ever together. You eventually get the nick of things!

Remember that partying and going out is not a priority anymore.  

Spend of moment you can with you and hubs' best friend Joel, because he will be gone before long.  You will learn cancer is terrible thing and nothing is worse than burying one of your friends after they lose the fight.  

Always remember where you came from, you don't leave there but just remember.

Don't fall for unrealistic things from people that have no meaning whatsoever to you!

Remember, you are a tough and independent woman that can get through anything that comes her way! 

Hold your head high and be confident!


Your 28 year old self 

Tomorrow is my last day for the Advocare 10 day cleanse!

Results will be up on the blog!

Monday, June 10, 2013


I always hate when the weekend comes to an end!

Friday night was busy! My sisters and I took my Mom out for Mother's Day finally. 

We went to see Fast & Furious 6! It rocked!
How could you not love that movie, hot men, great action scenes, hot men!
(I took grapes and water with me for snacks)

Then we went and ate Mexican! 
I ordered the Chicken Fajita! I did not eat the shells at all, gave them to my sister.
Only ate a very minimal amount of rice and beans and a few chips!
I was so proud of myself!
Weekends have always been my down fall and this past weekend
I felt like I did very well with my food intake. 

Pic from our garage sale I had with a friend! 
I made over $300 bucks Saturday with all this stuff.
I went from having 10 large totes of baby stuff (size newborn - 2T) down to 4 large totes and 1 small one!
I am excited about that! 
But still have a ton of stuff it seems!
The pink stuff in picture is not mine! No pink stuff in my baby stuff! 
Might have to try for that girl in a couple years! 
We will see how Monkey is by then! LOL!

Monkey chillin' with my headband on!

Jacer on his dirt bike! He loves that thing!

One of our sweet corn patches! We have two more!
Hopefully a great year for it!

This is me after Bikini Mommy Challenge one morning! It was tough!

Saturday at the yard sale I took grapes and had a salad for lunch with grilled chicken!
That night we had hamburger steaks. I had one but it was small and a huge salad!
No baked potato for me!

Sunday I had oatmeal for breakfast and not a waffle!
That was hard and those waffles looked awesome!
Instead I went and got in the shower while the rest of the fam ate them!
For lunch we had company and hubs made pasta and corn!
I had a huge salad instead!
For Supper I had a baked sweet potato cubes and a bite of fish!
I am proud of my accomplishment this past weekend and eating better. 
I guess I did splurge and have a strawberry shortcake and whipped topping!
It was delish!
A friend of mine text me and ask if I wanted to start running with her.
She is a runner, I am not! I want to be!
I was nervous this morning!
But I got right up at 5 a.m. and met her at 5:30.
We did 3 miles.  
I did not run the entire way but I would say I ran at least 2 miles of it!
I am proud of that!

And to finish for the day, here is a pic of progress!

Left pic prolly about Sept. 2012 and Right pic today!

Rock it out today!!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 3 Advocare


So today marks Day 3 of the Advocare Cleanse and now I can take a break from the Fiber Drink.  It never got any better tasting whatsoever! 

I feel great! 
Not really any different except I don't really feel that hungry! 
I think it is more a mind game than anything. 

The results thus far have been great!
I weight this morning and was surprised by the scale....

I read 157.6! 
That is down 2.8 lbs. since I begun on Wednesday.  I have exercised everyday but today. 
Also I have really been sticking with the clean eating!
Tonight will be the test, we are taking my mom out for Mother's Day finally for a movie and dinner!
She chose Mexican for dinner!
OMG!!!! That is my favorite the chips are so yummy!
I will order the chicken fajita and not eat the shells but too be honest I think I will have a few chips. 

For the movies I am going to pack in a water bottle and grapes to snack on!!

I actually feel better than I have in a while!

On a different note, tomorrow is garage sale day!
This year I decided to sell all my baby stuff except a few items!

It has been mixed emotions on doing this but Monkey is quite the kid!
The hubs and I tell everyone that we are done having children!
The 2 boys are all we need!
Yes I would love to have a girl but I might end up with another little Monkey!
LOL! I don't know if my mentality can handle that!

When marking items the hubs couldn't believe I was selling it all! 
I don't know what that means for the future but any time too soon! 

So maybe in a couple years, we will try for that little girl!

On a side note, I had forgot how much work getting a garage sale ready was especially when it is not located at your house and you are driving to a friend's house to have it!

I better make some money from it!

Peace out!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Catching up and 10 day Advocare Cleanse

So I have been gone from the blogging world for some time now but I'm back!!!!

My life has been cray cray!! We have been super busy!

We had the Kindergarten play and here I am with my 
cow that jumped over the moon!

Then we had our Spring Concert! 
Jacer and his cousin Jericka and Monkey photo bombing!

Then we had Kindergarten Graduation!! 
Whoo hoo Jacer is going to the 1st grade!

Graduation day for some family!

Monkey thought he was a super turtle!

My sister graduated from Mizzou!!

My new wreath!

This takes up alot of my time! But I am dang proud of it!
Hopefully with all the rain we have had it didn't kill anything.
Who would of thunk it that there is something as too much water on a garden!


Mad he didn't get to go with his daddy!

Jacer at his first ballgame finally! We have had 4 rained out so far! 
Monkey was meeting girls while his brother played ball!

So that is somewhat a catch up on what has been going on with our lives! It has been crazy mayhem for the last couple of months! 

Now to the weight loss topic!
I have still been doing the getting rid of some weight thing.  I am lifting weights still but my eating is horrible!
So I am starting the Advocare 10 day Cleanse!

Herbal Cleanse
I started this morning. 
The fiber drink was awful but I choked it down.  So far eating is in check. 
Starting Weight is: 160.4
Measurements are at home. 
I am hoping this will help me with the eating! 
Starting pics:

I want the non pregnant belly gone before Monkey hits age of 2! Which is August!


I am doing a 90 day Challenge with a group of wonderful ladies!

It is the 

So far I love it! It is only Day 5 but it is a great workout and I have been sore from it. 

Check it out on Facebook at Bikini Body Mommy!

I am determined to get my health in check! I want to be healthy for my kids and show them that being healthy is the new cool thing! 

Lots of Love!