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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Catching up and 10 day Advocare Cleanse

So I have been gone from the blogging world for some time now but I'm back!!!!

My life has been cray cray!! We have been super busy!

We had the Kindergarten play and here I am with my 
cow that jumped over the moon!

Then we had our Spring Concert! 
Jacer and his cousin Jericka and Monkey photo bombing!

Then we had Kindergarten Graduation!! 
Whoo hoo Jacer is going to the 1st grade!

Graduation day for some family!

Monkey thought he was a super turtle!

My sister graduated from Mizzou!!

My new wreath!

This takes up alot of my time! But I am dang proud of it!
Hopefully with all the rain we have had it didn't kill anything.
Who would of thunk it that there is something as too much water on a garden!


Mad he didn't get to go with his daddy!

Jacer at his first ballgame finally! We have had 4 rained out so far! 
Monkey was meeting girls while his brother played ball!

So that is somewhat a catch up on what has been going on with our lives! It has been crazy mayhem for the last couple of months! 

Now to the weight loss topic!
I have still been doing the getting rid of some weight thing.  I am lifting weights still but my eating is horrible!
So I am starting the Advocare 10 day Cleanse!

Herbal Cleanse
I started this morning. 
The fiber drink was awful but I choked it down.  So far eating is in check. 
Starting Weight is: 160.4
Measurements are at home. 
I am hoping this will help me with the eating! 
Starting pics:

I want the non pregnant belly gone before Monkey hits age of 2! Which is August!


I am doing a 90 day Challenge with a group of wonderful ladies!

It is the 

So far I love it! It is only Day 5 but it is a great workout and I have been sore from it. 

Check it out on Facebook at Bikini Body Mommy!

I am determined to get my health in check! I want to be healthy for my kids and show them that being healthy is the new cool thing! 

Lots of Love!


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