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Friday, June 7, 2013

Day 3 Advocare


So today marks Day 3 of the Advocare Cleanse and now I can take a break from the Fiber Drink.  It never got any better tasting whatsoever! 

I feel great! 
Not really any different except I don't really feel that hungry! 
I think it is more a mind game than anything. 

The results thus far have been great!
I weight this morning and was surprised by the scale....

I read 157.6! 
That is down 2.8 lbs. since I begun on Wednesday.  I have exercised everyday but today. 
Also I have really been sticking with the clean eating!
Tonight will be the test, we are taking my mom out for Mother's Day finally for a movie and dinner!
She chose Mexican for dinner!
OMG!!!! That is my favorite the chips are so yummy!
I will order the chicken fajita and not eat the shells but too be honest I think I will have a few chips. 

For the movies I am going to pack in a water bottle and grapes to snack on!!

I actually feel better than I have in a while!

On a different note, tomorrow is garage sale day!
This year I decided to sell all my baby stuff except a few items!

It has been mixed emotions on doing this but Monkey is quite the kid!
The hubs and I tell everyone that we are done having children!
The 2 boys are all we need!
Yes I would love to have a girl but I might end up with another little Monkey!
LOL! I don't know if my mentality can handle that!

When marking items the hubs couldn't believe I was selling it all! 
I don't know what that means for the future but any time too soon! 

So maybe in a couple years, we will try for that little girl!

On a side note, I had forgot how much work getting a garage sale ready was especially when it is not located at your house and you are driving to a friend's house to have it!

I better make some money from it!

Peace out!

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