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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oh no I think I lost my bladder!

Ok, I know weird title right!
Well I read all these blogs and they are super awesome!
They run and that inspires me to want to run.

I am going to get there but after I go to the doctor.

You see, as I was running on my treadmill yesterday, I could of swore that my bladder was going to fall out. Yes as you can guess what I mean by this, happened!
 I hate it.  I have two children YES! But geez lousie all these other people that run have children and are fine I guess. I mean I don't go up and ask them if they are worried about peeing themselves while running.

Hmmmm.... No I won't do that.

So I have scheduled an appointment with the Doc and see what she says and before anyone tells me I do kegals. Not working :(

My goal is to do 5 5K runs next year.

My other reason for my slow approach to running, is I was never a runner and making time to go run.  When I get home at night I don't have time or anyone to keep the kids while I go run.  It is too dark in the morning. But I am dedicated to running! I CAN DO IT!!!

I know excuses excuses! But I will surpass the excuses and reach my goal!

Inspiration for Running

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