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Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh Monday......

Well I must say that I love going to my dashboard and seeing how many followers I have!

I am at 19
and am tickled pink!

I love doing this blog.

We were gone for a few days and then the weekend came and I am terrible about doing this on the weekend.
It seems like I never have time for myself!

Well to recap since last Thursday, I mean Wednesday night!

I hurried home from work, my hubs had put the lasagna in the oven earlier and made some garlic cheese bread (I know the healthiest in world). And we hurried and ate as soon as we walked in the door. I still had to pack for three days and the throw all the kids stuff in their bags.

Typical me wait until the last minute to pack. It was chaotic getting out of our house to drive for 2 hours to my sisters' apartment to stay the night.  But it was fun!

We got up early the next morning and went to doctor appointments.

I don't know if I have mentioned about my youngest James having a helmet to reshape his head.  He got it in June and at our at last checkup 6 weeks ago, it had done wonderful! It went from  a 15 to a 5 in 4 months.  Which is wonderful! But he had to continue to wear it! And Thursday we went to his appointment and he got to take it off for good! So EXCITED!!

He loves it off except when he throws his tantrum and throws his head back and its on the hard floor or the end table or the rocking chair.....

Then we went to the mall and the oldest Jacer had multiple tantrums in multiple stores! It was so much fun!

After we were done in Columbia, we headed to Springfield and stayed with my cousin and then went to the Knox County Eagles Softball game.  They were in the final four for state. They got Fourth but couldn't be more prouder of them! They are exceptional group of girls and should be very proud of themselves.

Then we went and packed up and headed home! So we were only gone for 2 nights but I still had a ton of laundry when we got home.

On our way home we stop at the Lake of the Ozarks and ate at this little jewel

We eat there everytime we have been down there once we found it.  It is so yummy!

Saturday was a quiet day and catching up day with laundry and workouts.  I had missed 2 days of Jillian Michaels and was dreading going back but I did Saturday morning and even walked a mile with Monkey.

He loved the calves!

I also tried rockin' the ball cap look...

Sunday in the diet eating world for me was horrific....

I had waffles for breakfast and didn't stop at half when I was full,
I decided to go till I was miserable.

Then lunch I had half juicy burger, pasta salad, cupcake and ice cream.

Then we took family pics with my parents and sisters. Our photographer Waunita Cheatum did a wonderful job!! Absolutely love them!!

Just a few of them! I love them all! Going to be hard to choose!

So after pics, I decided to eat more roast, mashed potatoes, corn, homemade noodles, peach crisp and ice cream!

It was yummy! But the only plus side to eating all this was my portions are smaller than they use to be!

Today, I got up and did my best at being Jillian's Biotch and at lunch did the stairclimber for 5 minutes.

I know 5 minutes but that 5 minutes was a killer!
Then 30 minutes of lower body workouts!

I might whine during the class but it is worth it when I am all done.

Everyone have a great day and if you want to learn to do Holly's Lazy Girl Curls, she did a vlog over at her blog. Super cute head style!




  1. Hello I just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award please follow the link to my blog for details

  2. Great family photos!! We love Lake of the Ozarks... and eating until we're miserable. We could be fat friends together. :)

  3. You have been nominated for the Liebster Award.. Details on my post