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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It has been a day...

What a day it has been..
Glad it is almost 5:00..
Ready to rip my eyeballs out..
Lock myself in the basement...

At work today, I have been pulled in 3 directions, with all 3 bosses needing something done, and leaving me piles (work for attorneys and prosecutor). Then Hubby calls we are getting beef today from the Locker (Hallelujah!!!!!) But that means getting my freezer organized when I get home for it.  I just wish I could be a stay at home mom/wife!! But oh well. I would go crazy with no adult conversation.

On the forefront the WW, eating healthy, exercising, being Jillian's biotch at 5:15 in the morning are going wonderful!!

Not much today, tired, crabby and ready to get the heck of dodge!


P.S. If you haven't go over to and read her blog today! Love it and so true. I am a pretty cool wife, but makes me realize that hubby needs male bonding also! And I would never withhold that from him because I would be punishing myself!

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