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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tuesday Truth Is....


  • Truth is my thighs are stilling freaking killing me from lower body workout yesterday
  • Truth is my arms are killing me from today's upper body workout
  • Truth is I really do enjoy working out but at the same time hate it very much
  • Truth is I really want to rock a bikini next summer
  • Truth is I want my classmates at my 10 year class reunion next year to think damn "she looks good"!!
  • Truth is I want to be the mom the kids call a MILF! 
  • Truth is I want my husband to be proud of me
  • Truth is I want my bloggers to be proud to be a follower
  • Truth is I love Jillian Michaels I think I have a crush! She is doing magic with my bod!
  • Truth is I am going to be a runner (once my bladder is fixed)
  • Truth is I can't wait for the results of my sweat and agony of working out!



  1. I want all of those things, too!! Minus the bladder problem-- but I hope you get yours fixed. ;)

  2. Great truths lady! You can totally score all those!!! That's pretty much my list too (except the running part...I am just not a runner...I am however a sexy speedwalking grandma LOL) Hope your bladder prob is fixed soon sweet lady!

  3. Like the truths! Now you are making me think about mine!