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Friday, October 5, 2012

More about ME, MYSELF and I..

So back in the days of high school when you had no real worries except for homework and what girl was being a hoe and trying to move in on your boyfriend, I was the one hiding in the back because I was always the bigger one of my group of girls that I ran around with.  I don't remember wearing anything under the size of 10.  I grew up and still live in a very rural area. No Wal-Mart or clothing stores close. to help a bigger full sized girl. It tooks 30 minutes to get to them.

I was Homecoming Queen my Senior Year (Oh yeah!)

I starting dating my husband my Sophomore year and he was a Senior. He was a farmboy and I loved that.  I went fishing, help feed cattle, hunting, and all that kind of farming stuff. After my senior year in the fall we moved in together and got engaged in November.

I was probably in the 150s this entire time.  We got married 9/18/04. Getting close the 10 year mark.

On June 1, 2006, my husband went to the doctor and found out he had testicular cancer, the following day he had surgery to remove the mass.  He caught it very early and is fine now.  He took radiation for 6 weeks and we got pregnant in July of 2006.

March 8, 2007, was the day that my heart was completely captured by Jace Pearl aka Jacer.  He was absolutely perfect in every way.  After I had Jacer I weighed in at 188.  I lost 26 lbs. doing Weight Watchers and nursing helped me tremendously.

The youngest pic I have on facebook of Jacer! His 2nd birthday!

Me in a tankini (the only suit there is)

October 16, 2009

November 2009 (me and my Bestie singing our hearts our!)

My weight changed alot for the next few years never going under 150 lbs.  I just got stuck in all these ruts and made up tons of excuses. I FED MY FACE IS THE REALITY OF IT! I guess I just didn't care.

My husband and I have our problem and we had major problem in early 2010 and we separated and I filed for divorce. Worse times of both of our lives. Jacer's life was turned upside down. I got the smallest I have been during this time. I got down to 142 lbs. but the worse was possible through stress and not eating.  My husband also lost alot of weight during this time.

May 2010 (My younger sister Katie Graduation)

Me  in a bikini (I want that back) I loved that bikini. June 2010

Finally we both came to our senses a couple of months later and we decided we were both being stupid and were going to get through this time together not the easy way out and on our own.  Then we both got our appetites  back and I gained it all back quickly.

Moving my sis to Mizzou

December 2010 (was a month preggos and didn't know)

I got to the 170s very quickly. Around Thanksgiving, I was up to 172 and in January found I was pregnant! I got up to 192 while pregnant. 

And I thought I looked cute!! What was I thinking?!?

On August 3, 2011, James Lucas aka Monkey came into our lives and my heart was captured by yet another boy! 

James Lucas (Monkey)

I have struggled the last year with getting this weight off.  I did WW right after I had him and thought with nursing it would fall off but it didn't I lost 14 lbs.  Then I stopped WW and counted calories and went to the gym and nothing seemed to work. My sister-in-law did WW after her second child and lost a gob of weight and looked wonderful and I was jealous and so proud of her. I kept thinking that I could do that but I never pushed myself!  I guess the real problem was I hadn't had my WTF (What the F**!!) moment yet.  

New Years Eve 2012 (173 lbs)

We go to a lake close to us all summer long and love it! 

My boy skiing (5 years old!!) So proud!

Monkey penned up!

Chillin' on the pontoon!

Vacation Aug. 2012

I started this blog after I was on Pinterest one day and came across blog. Big Shout out Thank you to her!!! Fell in love with it and her story.  She is very inspiring and from there I went. I joined Mama Laughlin's Fit Club on facebook and started reading some many blogs. (I hope to get my favorites listed once I get this blogging figured out) and I hope to get to become close friends with other bloggers. You all are awesome. Some many other people are going through the same thing and now I can communicate my story to everyone also. It helps to write it out. 

I am back on WW and doing great this time around. I started again on September 13th, 2012 and have lost 5.2 lbs already. I am doing 31 days of being Jillian Michael's Biotch and am on day 5. I am mentally prepared and have had the WTF moment when you son can grab your fat rolls you know something is wrong and I am tired of leaning over and my stomach flab hanging! I can do this! I GOT THIS!!! 

Here is what I am going to be by next summer at the lake

Watch for in the Summer of 2012 I will wear a bikini once again and I will ROCK IT!!

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