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Monday, October 15, 2012

Let's Rewind...

How was your weekend!

Mine was good! Raining but good! 

Friday night my bestie called and wanted us to go have a drink with her, so I got home from taking MIL to the doctor and told hubby I was taking him out to eat cuz I didn't want to cook.  Which worked out great, a guy we know picked up our tab! 

I had a chef's salad and a baked potato.  So I didn't do awful but not great either.  And two drinks. 

I also learned how to play KENO, very addicting and I won $10. 
Oh yeah! The Cardinals won!!! Can I get a holla holla!

Saturday - we showed our house to a guy, (FINGERS ARE CROSSED he takes it), my little monkey got his mullet cut off,

ate lunch out and I had another chef's salad.  Then it was home and major cleaning took place.  My MIL came and helped which is a blessing! She is a good cleaner and I wish I could just hire you to come to my house twice a month and do all the major stuff.

She did decide that it is very hard to do anything with this guy around:

 He would climb on everything and then go and unplug the sweeper, it was never ending.

Also I listen to our local high school softball game! And they are going to the Final Four BABY!!!! I am so happy for this group of girls and their coaches! I am hoping to go to the games this Friday and Saturday and show my EAGLE PRIDE!!! Let's go get 'em!!!

Sunday - we went to Church and did something I never thought I would do! 
I wore this

My hubby and my sister told me I looked good, so I wore it.  I was a little uncomfortable but I kept telling myself I looked like a MILF! BAHAHAHA! I know that I didn't but I will get there eventually. I must say that this was a comfortable outfit! But Mama Laughlin can pull it off much better than I can. She is totally rocking the MILF word. 

I did not do good on eating on Sunday,
not at all, 
I feel liked the failed.
But oh well no reason to ponder on it.

We had a going away lunch for my grandparents who go south for the winter to stay warm.
You know as they say the older you get the colder you get. 
I set the table and gave myself a smaller plate and that was a smart thing to do. I did not have seconds until dessert. It was apple salad and it is wonderful and Granma is leaving for the winter. That means no more apple salad until spring. 

Then I came home and hosted a Thirty-One Party. Which meant I had snack. I tried to make healthy snack but of course I had to make some Monkey Bread. It was delicious and of course I ate on it all afternoon.

You would of thought that I wouldn't of done that since I burnt my tongue on it and it still freakin' hurts. 

I was Jillian's Biotch (30 day shred) over the weekend and am proud that I got that in and last night hubby, Monkey and the dog and I went for a walk. 

Then it was absolutely my favorite time of night, snuggling time

Hope everyone had a good weekend!


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  1. Yo uhave a denim top and some boots... You are officially a blog mom! :) I need to get on that bandwagon, too. :)

    And yes, GO CARDS!!