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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I have decided for the month of November to change Thinspiration Thursday to Thankful Thursday and list some of the things I am thankful for.

Let us all take a moment and be thankful that spiders can't fly.
This is so true! 

There is something every day that we are thankful, mind it be little of big but there is something!

Today - Mine is my husband and boys! I don't know what I would do if I didn't have them.  They are what keep me going everyday and truly make my life heaven and hell at the same, but I wouldn't want it any other way.  They are my entertainment from the time we wake up until the time we go to bed! I truly am blessed to have them in my life and count my blessings everyday and know that there is reason God has given me two sons (I am sure it because I couldn't handle a daughter like me)! LOL!!

How darn cute are these Cowboys! Monkey wouldn't leave his hat on!

I even got in the spirit and dressed as a 80's chick! 
Jacer requested I dressed up also!

Another thing I am thankful for is that it is November 1st today and not October 31st anymore.  Halloween is fun but the candy! I mean for two little boys, they sure got a ton of candy. I forgot to take a pic of the mounds of treats they got.  For only going to a small safe stop and mainly family houses, they were loaded up.  Monkey has come to conclusion that candy is the new best thing and I am sure he was sneaking some when I wasn't paying attention because we were up alot last night whining.  I am sure it was a tummy ache.  Jacer was just on a sugar high when we got home and didn't want to go to bed and then he was up because something scared him! 

Now for a change of pace.... I was reading my morning blogs I check every morning and several of my favorites are linking up with Lora and Janessa for "how your blog got its name and what does it mean".... So for my first link up I am going to attempt this!!

Running on Empty

My blog name is Carrot Cake and Jeans!! I got this because I started my blog mainly for writing about my weight loss journey and I LOVE LOVE carrot cake (with cream cheese icing) and I love to wear JEANS! But those two things do not go together at all! Part of the reason I am on this weight loss journey and be able to buy some cuter jeans!!

Nothing too fun or anything like that but that is how I came up with it!!



  1. First off, your boys are so adorable!! Second, thanks for linking up. Super cute blog name. I love the random names and the stories behind them.

  2. They are SO FLIPPIN cute!

  3. Carrot cake is my fav too. Fall time is the death of me; when all the carrot cake/pumpkin spice goodies are all the rage! Cute blog! Glad I found it!


  4. Thanks for linking up with us! Love hearing how you got your blog name....I would have been wondering how you came up with a combination of carrot cake and jeans?!

  5. Hey!!! I'm your swag swap partner!!! I am so excited to do this with you! I have 'stalked' you on here and am now following you, can't wait to get to know you better! I have a few ideas swirling in my head of things to get you, hope it all works out and that you like it! Talk soon!