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Friday, November 2, 2012

Babies, Marriage and Life....

I love my husband and my children totally and completely, I would hate not to have them in my life and they are my world.

When I signed up for the wifeyhood and mommyhood, I knew it would be hard and stressful at times and make me want to pull my hair out at times.

Those moments occur a lot.

But then there is that moment, when I am tucking my oldest, Jacer, in after reading him his book for bedtime, after fighting with about how to take his shower, putting on his pajamas, picking school clothes out, on why he doesn't need another snack, etc...
There is that moment when it is all clear on why I am a mommy and absolutely love it, is when after I tuck him in and start to walk away, he says a bigger hug Mommy and a kiss! Then he says I LOVE YOU!!

It melts my heart and I makes grin!

Then as I walk to living room, to go rock Monkey to sleep and think of all the times I have to get him off of the tables, out of my cabinets, look for the tv remote, pick up his toys for the upteenth time...
The I get to the living room and there he is curled up with his daddy and both of them are asleep, so peaceful and adorable. My heart grows even more! I never knew I could love three boys this much! They mean everything to me.

My hubs is the kinda of man that would of loved to be the age he is now (almost 30) in the 1950s. Where the wife stayed at home, took care of house chores, never argued with the man, took care of the kids and never argued with the man, cooked supper, never argued with the man, etc.. He always says that part of not arguing with the man.  Which I work full time, clean the house, laundry, dishes, cook supper, sometimes have him dessert, take care of the kids from the time they wake up till they go to bed. But I argue because dammit I am a woman and I have rights too!!! Don't get me wrong I know not all women were like that back then, but in his head they were!!

He also helps sometimes with cooking supper (not cleaning up) and getting the boys in the shower but he can't do that completely by himself.  Geez.... I wonder if he ever wonders how I do this when he is gone or even when he is in the living room sitting in the easy chair.  I know he appreciates everything I do and I appreciate all he does. But do we tell each other that!!!

Mama Laughlin wrote a post sometime ago about not fighting with the hubs and how they still need time to themselves.  Well I am working very hard on that with mine. It has been my pledge since reading her post about it.

For example: He has went driving around with his buddy and got home later than usual. Which I was a little snippy since the boys did not get to eat supper with him. (It was a school night) I am very dedicated to us sitting at the table as a family to eat supper with the tv off. I didn't do that growing up (we sat in the living room or ate at different times).

But after I snipped on him, I actually felt bad.  He has to have some guy time also.  So I am going to try and next time not say a word.  DEER SEASON is coming up and he is an avid one. So I am not going to complain at all, not even once!! Maybe I will be rewarded if I don't!

But he has a hard time returning the favor on me getting to go do something with my friends.  I am going out tonight with the Church ladies and it will be fun.  But if he is not at home, I have to figure out what to do with the boys, not him or not go.  He always thinks that if I don't have the boys, he shouldn't have to.  Which is ok but to me unfair! He should have a night where he gets them all to himself. Those are the moments our kids treasure!

I am not here to just complain about always doing the housework, cooking, taking care of the kids because that is what us WOMEN do. I like to do them my way and if he does them (I have to redo it anyways).

Marriage is certainly hard and takes a ton of effort on both the Hubs party and the Wife's part! We have our moments and there are quite a few I just shrug and go on.  He can irritate the heck out of me but there are times when you can surprised me completely and rock my world!

This quote made me chuckle!!!


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  1. I love the quote! I could have written the majority of this myself. I now have to go find Mama's post. I think I miss that!