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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Weighing in on Wednesday...

Ok, today was weigh in and I did it this week!! I lost 1.4 lbs. this week! I was so excited! It wasn't the 2 lbs but I will take it.

I know it is upside down, but I am in a hurry and can't figure out how to rotate it! So sue me!

No don't sue me, I work for attorneys, I will win!!!

So I lost weight! Then my hubs took me out for lunch since I am going to be gone for a couple of days.  I ordered baked spaghetti with cheese on top and breadsticks.  YUMMY!!! It was good. I ate both breadsticks and 1/2 the spaghetti.  I was miserable after that.  Then I have had an apple and banana this afternoon for my sweets!  

I have meetings tomorrow and then my baby has a well baby checkup on Friday.  So he is going with me.  We are staying with my sisters.  I was going to leave tonight. But I really do not want to drive in the dark, so I might just get up in the morning early and drive.  Since I get up 5:25 a.m. anyways for my date with Jillian (workout video for those who don't know her) I might as well just go then.  I think the Hubs is happy about that idea.  He is helping with an AI school right now anyways so he won't be home until 10:30 tonight.  

Oh, yeah, since I am rambling anyways, last night, I finally did my first night of Insanity! Holy cow balls (of wait cows have udders not balls) I literally thought I was going to fall over.  At least the people in the video do also.  They stop at times too.  It is very hard and tough. But I am going to stick with it.  We will see what tonight brings.  I am not sure what video to do next so I guess I will just pick one.  
Ok, well I am outta here! It is almost 5 and I ready to go home! Have a great night!



  1. Cheers!! You're almost to the 150's!!! :)

    1. I know I love it!! And I made it there this week! Whoo HOO!!! Now if only I was coming to Tulsa to meet all you hookers!!

  2. Oofta, Insanity! I hear it's crazy hard! Way to go making it thru a workout!

    1. I have done 1 workout. My company is now gone, so I am determine to go back to it!!

  3. Hey - just found you today! (and just followed you on Instagram...creep much?) Good luck with Insanity! I did that last spring and it was ROUGH but it really does work. The only thing was, as soon as I stopped, all my progress backslid. Hopefully you can keep up with it a little better than I did! And awesome job on losing weight this week!