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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It has been a week of my MIA.... Anyone miss me??

When to Weigh in


I have done it.
I am in the 150s and plan on staying there and going down not back up every again.
I love it.
I feel good today.
I was down 1.2 lbs from last week!!!
I am a pair of jeggings!!!
 I am super excited about that. 
I had to go shopping for new jeans this week.

Looking at this pic, I still look huge! Someday I will happy with my looks!

I did not think that I would lose this week due to being MIA for so long.  I had meetings, doctor appt. for Monkey (who is doing wonderful/helmet is done/95th percentile on weight, height, and head!), deer season (we had my cousin, her husband and 2 kids staying with us from Friday to this morning).  It was so much fun but there was always food to eat!!

I hope I have some followers that missed me while I have been MIA! 

Here are some pics of my days last week, the weekend and some this week......
Cheesin' for the camera!
My meeting last week!! 

Monkey getting his haircut! He sat on Grandma's lap!
Cheesin' again!

This is terrible. I didn't have any new pictures of Jacer!!

So I added a couple buttons on blog.  Now I just need to figure out how to make my own button and start swapping with people! If you want your button added, let me know.  If you are new and stupid  like to the blogging world, Ms. Holly has a post about Blogging 101 today! Pretty awesome and now for me to go to that page and figure out the steps to getting myself my own dang button for people to put on their blogs!!! 

I promise to be back more often now.  



  1. Looking great! Ha - another head like my children. Too funny :)

  2. No way girl, you look great, and i LOVE your boots- i have almost the same ones in Black! Are yours from Target?

  3. I think you look fab darling!!!!! Way to go!

  4. I think you look so cute and small in your new jeggings! How tall are you? You look like a shorty like me - I'm 5'4"...

    You are doing great!