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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tuesday Truth.....

DA DA DA!!! I know bring this weeks Tuesday Truths that are my mind...
Truth is truth

Truth is... I am so glad that is Election Day!! Tired of all the TV ads, Radio ads, mail ads, Facebook, etc.
Truth is... I am sure it is not over, since some are going to be mad on who won and want to rant about it
Truth is... I am glad that I get to vote!
Truth is... I have been wearing lipstick and love it on myself
Truth is... I love being complimented on losing weight. It motivates me!!
Truth is... I love reading blogs everyday!
Truth is... I am starving today and I really want a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.
Truth is... Tomorrow is my weigh-in day!
Truth is... Tomorrow is my last work day of the week until next Tuesday.
Truth is... I am going to rock my leggings at least one day this week!

Truth is... It is deer season this weekend, and I am excited and I don't even go!
Truth is... I hope the Hubs gets a big buck this weekend!
Truth is... every single one of you that reads this rocks and remember that!!



  1. You rock too! :)

    Truth is...I could eat a whole bag of those mini Reese's Cups right now!

  2. Don't eat that Reese cup unti after your weigh-in. :)

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