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Monday, November 5, 2012

It's Monday Again, Already...

It is Monday again.....


I dread Mondays!
Even though I have a short week kinda.
I have meetings Thursday and Friday. So me and Monkey are going to stay with my sisters for a couple of nights. 
Should be fun!

But really the weekend just go way too fast. 
I think that we should make the work week the weekend and the weekend the work week! 
More time at home but then again, more time to eat more food. 
I would really have to learn more self control!!!!

My weekend was fun, not too eventful but nice. 

Friday - Went to AJs in Macon, MO with some ladies from Church. It was so YUMMY and fun!!! 
I had PASTA!!
I know, I know! Super fattening. But I did only eat half of it and brought the rest home! I was very proud of myself for doing that. 
Got home and my boys were still awake. Monkey was fighting his sleep terribly! 
Our house was not too destroyed either.  Usually when leaving the boys at home with Dad, the house is a total wreck.

Saturday - Jacer went with his Dad to get the deer stands ready for this coming up weekend! I worked out with Monkey climbing all over me as I did it. 
Then I went to a Lia Sophia Jewerly Party. Can't wait to get my order!!! Also ordered some Pampered Chef while I was there! WHOO HOOO!!!!
Came home took the Insanity Fit Test! Holy Sh**! That is a workout in its self! I think you could do that everyday and burn lots of calories.  
Excited to see after I do the program, how many more of the exercises I can do. 
Then I went to work cleaning my basement! My sis helped me and got it done. 
Then my bestie came down and colored and cut my hair! I was so excited and it turned out wonderful!!

Of course, it does not look as cute today, since she was not here to style it for me! Someday I will get the hang of doing my hair and maybe be able to make it look cute! God knew what he was doing when he gave me Samantha as my best friend! LOL!! Thank you so much!

Sunday - Went to Church - We are greeters for the month of November, so we were early and not late for once! 

Hurried home and went to BIL 17th birthday lunch.

I ended up bringing home my 2 nieces with me! They are so much fun to have around and I laughed so much! 

Jacer had his first basketball practice and he loved it! Hard to believe he is old enough to be playing already!

Over the weekend, I had about 4 people notice that I have lost some weight! I loved it and it keeps me motivated! 

Also I got this idea on Instagram from FamilyIMaid who also has a blog. You should check it and her weight loss journey! Anyways, she made a sign to put on the candy bucket from Halloween, it says STAY AWAY FATTY! I did this but underneath put AKA MOMMY! Then the hubs added Hot above Mommy.  I loved it! 

Food for the weekend! I did pretty good for the most part until yesterday! I can tell that my stomach has gotten smaller because I can't eat as much without getting really full! Which is a great thing! I had 3 reese's peanut butter cups from the Halloween bowl. I was pretty impressed with only having that many.  Had some greasy french fries yesterday and that just about killed my stomach today.  But did pretty good! 

I have until Wednesday for weight in day! We will see what happens! Just have to watch for the next few days on my food intake! 

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  1. I feel the same way as he gave me you as my best friend!!!! You will eventually get the hang of it I promise! Love ya!!!!

  2. Cute Hair! I chopped mine off after the last baby and I'm trying to let it grow but I alwasy think about chopping it again!

  3. I love your new hair cut! The angled forward look suits you very well, my friend!

  4. Your hair cut looks fab! I also hate Mondays....the weekend is just too short!

  5. Love the hair! Mondays suck!