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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cara Box...and Everything else thrown into one post!!

Ok, I am so behind on posting and I am sorry for that!! With the holiday and shopping and then having no internet service at home all weekend...... UGGHHH that was very irritating! Then my cell phone quit went kapoop!! So I have a loaner phone at the moment and hopefully will have my new one tomorrow! Which I can then have instagram back! I am missing it alot!

But onto the good stuff! I participated in this month in a Blog Swap called Cara Box!

Cara Box

It is with Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals! Love her blog and I will be linking up with her today to show everyone what I got in my Cara Box!! It is super cute stuff!!

I was partnered up with Emily, our theme was childhood and she sent me a super cute Cara Box! She does not have a blog but she is super sweet and a nice person and very creative!!

I opened my box and this was inside! I thought it was a journal...

 But then I opened it and low and behold it was filled with stuff!!

Old Maid cards cause she remembers playing that with her mom! 
So do I! I can't wait to play with my boys! 

Then a Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books along with some 
stickers that reminded her of Lisa Frank !

 Flarp!! My Boys are going to love this!!!!

I can't wait to sign up for December's Cara Box! It was so much and I love getting to know people and getting stuff in the mail! My son always gets the mail and was so excited when there was a package in there! He was excited to help me open it!

 My Thanksgiving was great this year! We ate my husband's mom's and she is a great cook and we didn't have to wait on any dinner rolls Darci!! I loved every bite of it! I ate in pretty good small portions and then we stopped by my Aunt's to see my Grandma but we didn't eat there! Then we went home and it was my baby sister's 20th birthday Thanksgiving day and we had prime rib and baked potato and salad and it was delicious!!! Best Thanksgiving meal ever!! Totally beats turkey out!!!

Here Amber is with her nephews!! Best pic we could get! LOL!

Friday shopping!!

Well as everyone else got up or never went to bed... I slept and 
then got up at 7 a.m. and was shopping my 9 a.m. 
Got some of the deals! 
Got alot done for Christmas and birthdays in the month of December!
Just have my boys and the hubby left to buy for!
It was a fantastic day with my sister-in-law/bestie Krista! 
We live for that day and getting to spend time together.
She is in nursing school so I have missed her tremendously!
Then our husbands met us for supper!

The weekend went quickly and like I mentioned above no internet and then no phone service
starting Sunday!
I do not like not having technology around! It drives me nuts. 
On top of not working Thursday and Friday, I had to take Monday off since I had no daycare!
I am not going to complain!
But I am now back in the saddle at work and swamped as I type away on my blog! 
Now for the weigh in today! 

I didn't think I ate terrible on Thursday but I didn't stop then Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  
I didn't track very well for Weight Watchers!
So I am still proud of only gaining .2 lbs over the week! 
I will take that and be happy with it! 
It could of been alot worse.
I am determined to lose at least 10 more by my husband's birthday on January 12th! We are going on a cruise then and want to be in the 140s. I doubt I make to the 130s by then! But I am going to work my ass off to get there! I want him to be proud of me! 
I am going to post the Cherry Delight recipe tomorrow!!

Also there is a Celebrity Sightings link up tomorrow with Erin at She's a Big Star!! I will not be linking up because I am boring and live in the Midwest and never see Celebrity's except at concerts, in the nosebleed section and with a camera zoomed in at the big screen!!
But if you have seen a celebrity, make sure and link up! Can't wait to read about them!
Also I think there is a giveaway for the coolest story!!




  1. The Cara boxes sound really cool.

  2. What a fun idea the Cara Boxes are.

  3. Karie! Thanks for plugging the link up! And after reading this post, I want some Old Maid cards. :)

    Also... I always love your comments, but they are not linked to your email. Fix that woman-- so I can send you novels. :)

    1. Help!!!! I'm an idiot and cannot figure out how to link my email! I thought I had! Mine does not have what your post directions said today!!

  4. Ok, you are going to think I am a complete idiot! I have been replying to the emails I get notifying me of comments on my posts and just today noticed that you are set as a 'no reply blogger'. OMG!!! So you must think I have been ignoring you!!! I am so sorry! If you want to change it so bloggers can reply to your comments go check Holly's post from a week or so ago about how to change that. It's in her Blog FAQ's post. :) I can't wait to get my pkg. I mailed yours out Monday, hopefully you'll be getting it this week!

  5. What a fun box!! Old Maid?! Gosh, I haven't played that in ages!! I looked everywhere for Lisa Frank stuff and couldn't find it. Those stickers are pretty Lisa Frank-ish. :) Fun swap, huh! :) New follower from the swap.