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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Weigh In yesterday.......

I did not link up yesterday because I was disgusted with myself.  I know it could of been water weight or something  but still I should of pushed myself to work out more, instead of saying that I am going to workout, I need to do it! I actually need to get on the treadmill at night or push play on Insanity!

I was up 2 lbs this week.  Back at 158 lbs.  I am more determined today! I have stuck within my daily point range. I have plenty of veggies and fruit to eat!

I have started the C25K and am on Week 1 Day 2 and will keep at until next week when I have surgery and then when I can start again I will!!

I will lose the 5 lbs by St. Patty's Day, a total of 20 lbs by May 31st and a total of 30 lbs by September 28th.

I got this!

DIY New Year's Resolutions - Weigh loss quote - Jewelry, magnet, button
I need to remember this when I want those cookies or ice cream!

Well Monkey is in the 90th percentile for height and 80th for weight and head! I believe that he is going to be tall! 

He is starting to watch big bro go to the bathroom and has kinda been taking an interest in it.  Do not want to jinx it, but maybe he will potty trained before this summer!

Funny quote about beginning to potty train

Jacer has become quite the defiant child.  He thinks he needs to run his own ship and Mommy and Daddy don't get too.  He makes me want to scream at time.  Don't get me wrong, I love him with all my heart but where is my boy that listens to what I say and doesn't talk back! I have told him that every times he mouths or talks back, he is getting a bar of soap in his mouth.  He doesn't like that idea. 

Being a mother is the best thing that has ever happened to me! I love this with my whole heart but there are days when I think what were we thinking...... They are in our lives for a reason and I wouldn't change that for a minute. 


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  1. I'm attempting C25K as well! We will make it through this girly!