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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tone 'em up Tuesdays Link Up

So I am linking up today with Brandi and Karri on a new link up they are doing, talking about what we are doing fitness wise with getting that #milfby30 Body and #Operation Red Bikini

I go to the gym during my lunch hour 5 days a week...
They have 30 minutes classes...
Monday is Lower Body
Tuesday is Upper Body
Wednesday is Abs
Thursday is do whatever I want
Friday is Full Body

Thursday I generally do cardio on elliptical of treadmill

But I am now starting the C25K at home.....
Last night was my first day, so I have knocked Week 1 Day 1 out
But next week I am having a minor surgery and I was told to take it easy only treadmill and elliptical,
not sure if that meant I could run. 

I hope that I can but I can always start over and I will.

Also doing February Fab Abs
February Fab Ab workout

I am going to get to my goal of a size 6 jeans and down to 130 by September 28th!

Also my May goal is 20 lbs for Operation Red Bikini



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