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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Weigh In Wednesday and weekend recap

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Today is the link up with Erin and Alex!
I was down .8 lbs.  So I am at 156 lbs!! 
I will take that.  I have not been getting up and exercising this week because dangit, my bed is so comfortable!! Our house is still not use to the time change!

The weekends are still my biggest downfall!
I cave and eat something I shouldn't every time.  

So this week is dedicated to staying within my calories each and every day!

Here is a recap of the ROCKSTAR birthday!!

The invites I did by spending $2 on the paper and printing myself

Jacer's Birthday cake that my sister and I did.  Mainly Amber my sister
Maybe $15 spend on it 
I did buy 24 cupcakes in case the cake was a flop! ($13)

Guitars for the kids to decorate and take home with them.
Approx. $20 (Hubs was not happy about cutting these out)
But the kids loved them!

The goody bags!
They had the rocker sunglasses, tattoos, stickers, microphone, glow stick, ring pop and fruit snacks
Approx. $30 (made 24 bags)

We did soup and smoked pork, chips, veggies and chips and salsa! 

It was a wonderful day and the birthday boy had a blast!

Me and my Bestie Samantha!
It was great to get to hang out with her for a while!
Love her!

My sexy awesome hubby!
I love him more than anything!
My handsome boys! 
Jacer and Monkey
Jacer and his dirt bike he got from his grandparents 
for his birthday! He loves it!!
My new green pants! I didn't look that bad I didn't think!
Hubs trying out the dirt bike
Love this picture!!

Love his boots?

Everyone have a great day! Make sure and come by again soon!



  1. What a perfect birthday party! It looked very low maintenance which is my kind of party!!

  2. Already a follower, and seriously the rock star party was great. So fun!

  3. That looks like an awesome party! *holds rockstar pose* Way to go on the loss this week!