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Friday, March 15, 2013

It's Friday!!

Thank god its Friday meme

This week has seemed to take forever!!
I am so glad for Friday. 

We have a very busy this weekend!
Tonight I get to go watch cattle sale
Elder's Cattle Sale
I am super excited, NOT!

I don't mind being married to a farmer and
I don't mind helping him but
I hate sitting at the Sale Barn all night. 
I smell like a manure pit when we leave and then my car ends up stinking.
My boys will not want to sit down and be still whatsoever. 
So to make the hubs happy we are going to go for a little while. 
The bad thing is I have to go home first and then come back since I do not have
any clothes but my heels and nice clothes.

Then Saturday I get to go shopping for the big birthday party on Sunday. 
Then a reception tomorrow night to celebrate one of my friend's wedding!

Then Sunday is the big 6th Birthday party for Jacer. 
We are doing the Rockstar theme. 
He is super excited and I am super anxious.
I have nothing completed or ready whatsoever!!

But I will get it done, my sister are coming to my house tomorrow and they are helping me.
We are having cardboard guitars for the kids to play on. 
I am making a guitar cake. First time ever making their themed birthday cake.
Hopefully it turns out.  Jacer is a little worried about me doing this. 
He requested I buy one just in case. 
Then we are also have soup and sandwiches!
That part is easy!

For this week in the fitness department, I have felt awesome!

I have been eating good. Yesterday I had a bad night in the food department but it was pizza and ice cream and I worked out three times yesterday.  So I am ok with it. I have been eating alot of fruit and veggies throughout the day for snacks.  


I have started Jillian Michael Ripped in 30
Jillian Michaels: Ripped in 30
I love her videos and they seem to work. 
I have missed a few days but do it almost everyday.
I tried her yoga last night and holy smokes was it hard. 
Yoga is not easy whatsoever. 

Then I go to the gym during lunch.  I am back to doing the class and I am trying to run a mile on the dreadmill before it starts.  I am not quite up to running the entire mile.  But I am getting there.  I believe once I can run outside I will be able to do it longer. 

Well I still have alot of work to get finished and hope to get out of here early!

Everyone have rockin' good weekend!



  1. Great job on the workouts. Have fun with the Rockstar party!

  2. hahah, I call it the dreadmill too. I hate it on there. I'm much better in the classes.

    I hope the party was great!