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Monday, December 3, 2012

Exciting News

So I wrote last week that I had exciting news and news that makes me really need to work get more weight off!

In January, my hubby is turning 30 and I wanted to do something fun! 

So we are going on a cruise!!

Carnival Elation
I can't wait! We are going to be gone for 7 days with stopping along Mexico ports.  We are going to spend a couple days in New Orleans when we return from the sea!

We are so excited!

Nervous about leaving my boys for so long but already figured out where they are staying and all that fun. But I am sure going to miss them.  Thank goodness for Skype and internet.  I will be able to see them some.  

The hubby is excited but I think a little worried about being gone so long also.  He is not much on traveling. 

But he will be fine and we have to be together 24/7 for those 7 days.  It is just the two of us going.  But we should be fine! LOL!

I also don't have my ass in the shape and size that I want to be but am hoping to lose at least 10 more pounds by then.  I think I can handle that.  That would put me in the 140s!! 
I want to wear a swimsuit like this and look good in it!

So now that I have told you my exciting news!
My weekend rewind is pretty much the same thing. 


 Monkey cheesin' at big bro Jacer's bball game
 They got a medal! Jacer is in the light blue shirt
Again! They did awesome!

It was so much fun to watch them at this age. 

But I was at the tournament all weekend! It was the PTO 5 on 5 tournament and went Saturday all day and Sunday afternoon!

We had a great turn out and everyone worked so hard! I just never realized how serious the older kids get in tournaments.  At some points I thought I was at a Varisty championship game, not a 5th/6th grade semi-final game!
I guess I better prepare myself for when my boys get older. Also, I have determined I will never yell at a ref's call again no matter what or do I ever want to ref a game at any age! Bless all those ref's hearts out there that do that job and put up with us mouthy parents! LOL!!

Everyone's work was greatly appreciated!

Now everyone needs to check out what these following ladies are doing, Mama LaughlinHolly, and Aly they are doing:


They had people submit stories of people in need and then they read through them all and chose an amount of them and are posting them on their blogs daily and you can choose and help donate to one, five, ten or all of them! Just click on their names and start reading! Their are people always in need and it is time we start helping them and even if you don't help one of these stories, maybe you can help someone you know in your community during this holiday season. 

Now I have a questions for any blogger or blog reader out there that has Google+. Holly who has an awesome blog and I post comments on, let me know that I am not linked up for her to email me to my comments and for the life on me I cannot figure it out and neither can Ms. Holly.  Bless her heart she even tried for me.  If anyone can help me, please comment!! 

PLEASE HELP!! I want the novels back from these other awesome ladies that I post comments on their blogs because they are awesome, funny and I want to get to know them even better!


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