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Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Rewind..

Well well!! I have been terrible with keeping up on writing on my blog lately. We are super busy at work and when I am not working, I am online shopping! I am trying to get completely finished..... I am just about there.  Just 2 giftcards to pick up and then I am done. But then there is the wrapping.  I would love to get everything wrapped and under the tree but that is not going to happen with Monkey around.  He can't keep his hands off of the tree now can you only imagine his curiousity if there were wrapped gifts under the tree!! UGGGHHH!

Friday - Rented movies and watched them with my boys.

Saturday - My boys went shopping with my mom at the Clothes Closet in town.  They were having a day for kids to shop for their parents and Jacer thoughts this was awesome. Bless his heart! So my sister and I went shopping at a few Mennonite stores in Missouri and one in Iowa. We had a great time.

Sunday - We had church dinner, which played havoc on my diet, so did the rest of yesterday. Then Jacer was in a Christmas program at another church last night.  They served the best cinnamon rolls for refreshments.

Today we had a Christmas dinner at our Courthouse and it was delicious!! But now I have got to be careful what I eat for supper! I am doing horrible on the diet this week! It seems like every week I do awesome, the next I do terrible!!

So tonight I will try my best to eat something small and probably not what my family eats.  Since they want mashed potatoes and fried tenderized steak and gravy.  I will just eat my salad.

And now since I have finally got it set up for people on other blogs to reply back to me by email, I got an email from Mama Laughlin!! I was so excited!!!! It made my day!

Well I better get more work done!!


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  1. You had a busy weekend girl! Don't think of it as a diet, but a way of life :)