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Friday, October 25, 2013

Photo Dump Friday

It's me again...

I have been so super busy with work, starting up my new business venture with Beachbody (super excited about this!) and life....

I have got to start making time for myself in this crazy life of mine... Time for my workouts, time for my blog and time to breathe.  Lately we have been on fast forward and I am ready to slow it down to just play for a while. But what am I thinking the Holidays are approaching quickly and that is never a good sign for slowing down!

I am going to be starting an accountability group on November 4th and will have meal plans for the first 5 days and for T25.  I love this workout video but am terrible and keeping to it. So ladies anyone interested hit me up... Leave a comment or email me at  We can get you set up with a challenge pack from Beachbody.  I am love with the Shakeology from Beach Body also! Yummy! You do not have to be doing T25 but just some kind of exercise workout for 30 days.  There are tons of challenge packs on Beachbody or at the store. Check it out at I will start a facebook page also!

So on a different note, here are some pics for my Photo Dump!!

Jacer and I checking cows

Just a couple of our cows

Jacer's 1st Grade School pic

After a hot 2 mile run

Jacer and our lab Pearlee (She is 10 human years)

Monkey at the Huffman CornMaze playing in the corn 

Hubs and I at a wedding (He is my ManCrush)

Monkey jumping into the hay!

Found this awesome site IRUN4 and you sign up and they match you with someone 
and you run for them! I love it and Madison is a great kid! So glad we can do this for her!

Just me!

Have a very happy weekend!!


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