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Monday, October 28, 2013

Farmer's Wife

I joke at times and say "What was I thinking when I married a Farmer!"
But in all actuality I wouldn't want it any other way!

My hubs is a hard worker and knows the farming way!
I do not believe that he will ever stop farming.

I will forever deal with the late nights in the field
Working all weekend
Calving Season
Mudding boots, Mudding clothes
Spending my Saturdays, helping work cattle
Smashing my fingers in the gates

I am very cranky at times, when I get home from work,
I start supper, laundry, help with homework, fold laundry, clean up supper,
read bed time stories, do more laundry, get things ready for the next day....
All while he sits in the recliner, on the laptop, watching his shows.
I know the majority of the time, he is on the laptop researching something for the farm, 
looking for machinery, etc.
But there are times, when he decides he will cook supper (and I will say it is always good food)
He takes our boys to the farm with him.
He makes them help some too. 

It is frustrating, but I know he works outside all day, never stops or slows down.
He doesn't get Saturday or Sunday completely off. 
He still has to check the cattle and feed them. 

I know when we are old and gray and sitting on our front porch, we will still be in the country and looking at our cattle in the pasture!
And I know I will never regret marrying a farmer!

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