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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

T25 time and getting back on track.....

So a few months ago I started running with a friend of mine.  I enjoyed it, couldn't run the entire distanced but was liking it.  My knee has bothered me for a while and it just keeps getting worse, and worse.  First lunges, then squats and now running bothers it some.  

So I have finally broke down and am going to the doctor next week! Whoo hoo! So excited.....

But yesterday I started T25....

I skipped the lunges part yesterday but it was good.  I worked up a sweat with the 25 minutes of Cardio.  I didn't get up this morning.  But I have it ready to push play when I get home tonight! 25 minutes is not a bad amount of time.  

I need to do this and I need to watch my food and how much I am eating.  I have been relaxed on this part and my scale is seeing the difference.  I hate that.  It is so frustrating that I allow myself to do that after I had done so well.  But it is time to get my butt in gear!

Before pics Day 1 of T25!

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  1. You got this! I hate workout DVD's...well JM's workout DVD's and Shaun T or whatever simply scares the shit out of me....period!